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About Us


Our Story

We have started our business from 2019 with software, website & mobile applications. We are one of the leading software companies in India striving to deliver the best possible technological solutions to you. Our aim is to accommodate your business requirements by implementing innovative ideas and strategies. Having years of experience in helping a range of clients boost their business performance, we have become capable of handling any project.

Long ago, we learned to look beyond the capabilities of our team members to meet a deadline or handle certain requests for help in one day. They are just compliance measures. They do not imply that good quality service has been provided or that the customer’s underlying IT issues have been resolved.

Now, we measure and manage something more meaningful, behavior, which is associated with values. Team members who demonstrate the following values are better at solving customer problems on the first try, better at communicating and leaving a better impression of service to our customers. That’s why we measure, encourage, and reward these behaviours.

What we do?

Codelytical Private Limited provides a wide range of IT services that enable businesses to operate reliably and efficiently. With years of experience behind us, Codelytical is committed to ensuring that Adelaide businesses receive the quality IT systems and IT support to which they are entitled.

Our certified and experienced technicians are ready to provide fast and professional IT support for all your needs.

Why we different?

Codelytical provides small and medium-sized businesses with specialised IT consulting and services to run their business efficiently. We know that IT experts can see the impact it can have on their business and see how our clients are successful at every stage of their business journey.

We will provide you with a tailored IT solution because we know that not all companies fit in the same box.

We are hiring professionals.